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Ce produit est conçu et fabriqué en France

BassMe+ Blue Edition

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BassMe+ is a next-generation personal subwoofer that lets you feel the sound. Placed on your chest, BassMe+ propels you to the heart of sound, thanks to its system of sound waves and vibrations. Carry Case included.

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BassMe+ : haptic and immersive experience

BassMe+ is a personal subwoofer designed to feel every impact of action scenes from movies and video games, but also music without disturbing those around you. Very easy to use, the BassMe+ subwoofer rests delicately on the user's right shoulder, then connects via mini-jack or Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet, computer, TV or even game console (compatible with PS5 and XBOX Series X / S).
Designed to enhance sound and music immersion for users, whether listening to a piece of music, playing a video game or watching a movie, BassMe+ is "to sound what 3D is to images". Its use improves and increases sensations while protecting the hearing capital.

Awarded at CES Las Vegas 2020 with an Innovation Award, this device was honored at the world's largest technological innovation fair.

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4 BassMe colors to choose from to make the difference ...

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Are you finally the proud owner of a BassMe? You have just received it and you are already looking forward to trying it (we understand you) ... Select the music or video of your choice and immerse yourself in this unique experience!

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Unboxing BassMe Classic Edition

Unboxing BassMe

Are you one of the lucky ones who ordered their BassMe?
Here is what the box you will receive contains.

  • 1x Handle size S-M
  • 1x Handle size XL
  • 1x Module BassMe Charcoal Grey
  • 1x Audio jack cable
  • 1x Jack Volume Cable
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x Carry Case

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Lithium-Polymer technology (LIPO), fast charge
26 watts
6 hours
Loading time
3 hours
Bluetooth® range
29,52 ft
17.4 cm (H) x 5.9 cm (W) x 4.1 cm (D)
370 grams
2 years
Place of manufacture
Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency