How BassMe works

What devices can be connected to BassMe?

BassMe can be connected to any standard audio source via a 3.5mm cable or a Bluetooth connection.

Does BassMe work with an XBOX or PS4?

Absolutely! BassMe connects to any standard audio source. To connect to game consoles, you can use the audio output from the console controller or an audio output from the TV. For a wireless connection, you will need an external Bluetooth transmitter.

Does BassMe work with a PC?

Yes. You just need to connect it via 3.5mm audio output or via Bluetooth connection. No driver is required, no configuration is required.

Will it work with VR headset?

Yes. The product can be easily connected to VR devices, whether it is a stationary or room-wide VR. In some virtual reality headsets (for example: Oculus), you will need to connect an external headset instead of the built-in speakers / headphones. Simply plug it into a jack.

How long does the battery last?

Up to 6 hours of battery life, depending on usage and power level.

Should I install a driver or software?

No ! Just plug it in and go.