Having a good gaming headset is essential, whatever the type of video game: racing, simulator, shooting, RPG, etc. This criterion is important to claim an optimized sound experience. A good gaming headset should be comfortable. Most importantly, it must adapt to the specific needs of each player.

What factors to keep in mind when choosing a good gaming headset?

The material is an important factor in choosing a gaming headset. While fabric headphones provide good ventilation, leather accessories wear less quickly and insulate better. Often expensive, the foam-filled helmet models accurately mimic the shape of the head.

In addition to its functionality, a good helmet should remain comfortable for a long time. The quality of the headband is an essential criterion for feeling comfortable with your helmet. Placed on the head, it should be sturdy and adjustable so that it does not lean too much on specific areas of the head and strain on the ears.

Which headphones to choose?

In terms of headphones, three things must be checked when choosing a gaming headset :

  • The model
  • The format
  • The material

Smaller, round on-ear scales are easy to move. They are placed on the ears. The over-ear headphones associated with the accessories completely cover the ears. They are recommended for prolonged use.

What are the display options and functionality of the audio gaming headset?

The quality of sound reproduction and drivers define a better gaming headset. With a simple 3.5mm connection, a stereo headset becomes more adaptable. It is suitable for any type of video game. The gaming accessory splits the sound between two channels. Equipped with software and algorithms, a gaming headset with 7.1 virtual surround sound provides more realistic sensations. It tells the player where the enemies are coming from. The application allows modification of audio settings depending on the type of game. More precise than surround, dimensional sound marks its entry with certain technologies such as Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. These use frequency and volume to distribute sound throughout the room. This option is essential for a Xbox Series X headset.

Noise reduction is an essential option in a virtual reality headset. Making the audio clearer, this feature allows you to adjust the sound to the desired level. As a result, teammates will not hear the tone of mechanical keys.

Wired or wireless, what type of headset to choose?

Attached to a physical connection, a wired headset provides good connectivity. The headset is essential for playing on multiple consoles such as the PS5, the Xbox or even virtual reality. This accessory is practical in the absence of free USB ports. The wireless gaming headset gains in convenience. He can accompany the player to the kitchen while they go get a drink. Often specific to the platform, this accessory can be a PS5 VR headset or a simple headset. The best wireless headphones can last up to 20 hours without recharging.

What types of headphones can I use for my PS5 ? My Xbox Series X ? My switch ?

The choice of a gaming headset varies depending on the gaming platform :

For the Playstation 5, the DualSense controller is equipped with multiple microphones to instantly chat with other players without plugging in headphones. The wireless PS5 headset can be connected easily and the wired ones can be plugged directly into the controller thanks to the 3.5mm jack. The Bassme + white is a PS5 accessory that perfectly matches the design of the console and the controller.

The virtual reality headset differs depending on the console and its use. For a PS5 VR headset, it is possible to complement its VR with a headset of your choice but it will have to have a hoop wide enough to pass over the VR headband, a PS5 virtual reality headset will probably see the light of day. in 2021.

To conclude, there is no better gaming headset, it depends on the characteristics we are looking for according to our game console.

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