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BassMe - Made in France

The story of BassMe began at the Startup Weekend competition in Perpignan, in October 2017. The creator, Alban Duroy, gathered a team around his project and for 50 hours, the group worked to give life to a first prototype. Finishing first in the competition, the STUDIO DUROY company begins its activity with the marketing of BassMe, the first personal subwoofer to physically experience sound. Our team works to improve the relationship between sound, emotion and immersion.

CES Award Innovation - BassMe

CES Innovation Awards

Supported by the Occitanie / Pyrénées - Méditerranée region, we participated in CES Las Vegas in January 2019 and 2020. During our second participation, BassMe obtained an Innovation Award in the "Headphones & Personal Audio" category, entering the very closed circle of French startups rewarded at the biggest technological innovation event in the world. We took advantage of the event to present the new BassMe colors and announce the "Made in France" certification to the public.

BassMe sur M6

BassMe on french TV : Mon invention vaut de l'or

Alban Duroy, CEO and inventor of BassMe, in the program "My Invention is worth Gold" on M6.

Huuush !

Turned to the world of cinematic immersion, BassMe began, in October 2019, a partnership with the Mega Castillet cinema (south of France), to offer fans of the big screen, an extraordinary immersive experience. BassMe is available for rental, directly at the cash desk. The device is connected with the sound of the room, you just have to sit comfortably and enjoy your session with a unique immersion.

BassMe - Forbes

Rank 3rd "French Startup to follow" of the CES by the famous FORBES magazine and thanks to a passage in the emission of M6 (french tv) "Mon invention vaut de l'or" BassMe acquired a certain notoriety near the public and tackles now to the international market.

Emblem BassMe

La team BassMe

We are a group of passionate people. We believe BassMe can improve many areas and bring people closer to the immersive content of today and tomorrow. We are very excited to introduce this device.

Alban Duroy - BassMe

Alban Duroy

CEO - Founder
Guillaume Lannoy - BassMe

Guillaume Lannoy

CFO - Founder
Raphaël Guichard - BassMe

Raphaël Guichard

CCO - Founder
Laurent Dutruy - BassMe

Laurent Dutruy

David Castelain - BassMe

David Castelain

Business Developer
Sara Martin - BassMe

Sara Martin

Social Media Manager
Adrien Maume - BassMe

Adrien Maume

Versatile agent
Lena Ricard - BassMe

Léna Ricard

Marketing Assistant
Christian Hellin - BassMe

Christian Hellin

Boris Gonod - BassMe

Boris Gonod

Aurélie Dos Santos - BassMe

Aurélie Dos Santos