Startup Week-End Perpignan - BassMe

The story of BassMe started at the Startup Weekend Perpignan competition in October 2017. For 50 hours, we worked and gave life to the project. Finishing first of the contest, we decided to continue the adventure together. The company STUDIO-DUROY begins its activity with the marketing of BassMe, the accessory giving life to the sound. We are a team that understands the relationship between sound, emotion and immersion.

The BassMe team

We are a group of passionate people. We believe BassMe can improve many areas and bring people closer to the immersive content of today and tomorrow. We are very excited to introduce this device.

Alban Duroy - BassMe

Alban Duroy

CEO - Fondateur
Guillaume Lannoy - BassMe

Guillaume Lannoy

CFO - Fondateur
Raphaël Guichard - BassMe

Raphaël Guichard

CCO - Fondateur
Laurent Dutruy - BassMe

Laurent Dutruy

David Castelain - BassMe

David Castelain

Business Developer
Sara Martin - BassMe

Sara Martin

Social Media Manager
Adrien Maume - BassMe

Adrien Maume

Agent Polyvalent
Lena Ricard - BassMe

Léna Ricard

Assistante Marketing
Christian Hellin - BassMe

Christian Hellin

Frédéric Herry - BassMe

Frédéric Herry

Boris Gonod - BassMe

Boris Gonod

Aurélie Dos Santos - BassMe

Aurélié Dos Santos